Sam Ho for San Jose School Board Member, San Jose Unified School District, Trustee Area 4

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Dear Voter in Trustee Area 4:

As the parent of two children currently attending our San Jose area public schools, and as a college educator, homeowner, and active resident in local public service for over 15 years, I respectfully ask for your vote in this 2014 General Election to provide much needed new leadership for Trustee Area 4 of the San Jose Unified School District. 

As parents and residents we should all be concerned that of the ten public schools in Trustee Area 4, five including all three high schools have seen a significant decline in API scores in the last two years.  Furthermore, two out of three entering college students at our local colleges are under-prepared for college and have had to take remedial courses.  And, our achievement gap in 2011 was about 162 points, separating students of low income families and students of high income families. 

I will work to make improvements by providing better educational resources to teachers and staff, strong holistic curricula and support services to our students - with measurable outcomes that reflect the hard work and dedication of teachers and staff.  

I am the best candidate because I will fight for our children’s future through:   

QUALITY EDUCATION.  Every child deserves our utmost care to succeed with 21st century skills, especially in the areas of critical thinking and problem solving, creative thinking, communication, collaboration, and global citizenship.

ACCOUNTABILITY.  We must regularly measure what we treasure: student progress, the well-being of our teachers and staff, and cost-effective budgeting.      

NEW LEADERSHIP.  Twenty years on the board is enough.  We need new inspiration, fresh ideas, and increased accessibility and communication to achieve academic excellence.   

More than ever, we need new leadership for a new age.  It’s time to transcend the status quo.  It’s time to vote for Sam Ho. 

I respectfully ask you for your vote.  Also, please consider contributing to my campaign in the form of support activities or funds, the amount of which is not limited.  Any assistance would be much appreciated.     

Together we will achieve a brighter future for our children.

Thank you. 

Sam Ho, M.B.A

"I Will Fight for Our Children's Future...Because We Care."

Sam Ho for School Board 2014

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